[Seth-Trips] Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Riana Pfefferkorn pfeffers at whitman.edu
Fri Feb 13 15:17:10 PST 2004

OK, we are on for Saturday, 2/28 at 1pm! I have reserved a party of 4 (a
coworker of mine just asked to come along). There is only 1 more space
remaining, so first come first serve - let me know and I'll call up and
try to get that last spot, but it might fill up!

Alternately, you can bypass me and call the Stanford Public Affairs Office
at 650 926 2204 and ask to join the reservation for Riana Pfefferkorn,
then let seth-trips know you're coming along.

This is exciting!


Riana Pfefferkorn
<pfeffers at whitman.edu>

"Switch off the mind and let the heart decide/ Who you were
meant to be/ ... Etch out a future of your own design/ Well
tailored to your needs/ Then fan the flame and keep the
dream alive/ ... The future is roses."

-- Thomas Dolby, "Windpower"

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