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(apologies for the crosspost)

	This has to be the best pub crawl EVAR!  This looks very well
organized, and I'm gunna go for sure.  Who else wants to come along?

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It's a bar crawl! It's a train adventure! It's a historical meandering!

Well, it's something.

Do you commute on CalTrain every day and wonder what's going on in
those communities you pass by every day? Well, we've got an afternoon
of train-based exploration planned from San Francisco to San Jose, with
numerous stops in between. We'll wander through San Mateo, Redwood City
(Climate Best By Government Test), visit Steamies bar in Hillsdale
(haven't you always wondered what that place is like?) and more.
All this using only a single Caltrain Day Pass!

Here are the details:

Monday, January 19  (MLK Day)
SF Caltrain Station - meet at noon
4th and King Street (in San Francisco)
Train # 52 - departs at 12:37 pm
Purchase a Four Zone Day Pass (which will get you to San Jose and back)
- $11.00
We'll be on the southernmost car (the one closest to the engine)

First Stop: San Mateo (downtown) at 1:10 pm
Lunch - Khushboo Pakistani/Indian all-you-can-eat buffet - $10
(includes tax + tip)
Entertainment - Bollywood films and music videos!

After lunch, we will continue a short walking tour of San Mateo,
ending at a bar. We will then continue by train down the Peninsula,
with several stops for libations and points of historical interest.
The final stop will be at the Caravan in San Jose which should be on
Train # 72 at 6:28 pm, assuming we don't miss a train along the way.
Afterwards we'll attempt to all board the same north-bound train for
SF if that's where you came from. If the Bay Meadows stop is open
(it should be, but Caltrain's timetables contain an element of voodoo)
there may be an optional stop on the way back at the Prince Of Wales
Pub, home of their tastebud-destroying Habanero Burger.

Other notes:

- The CalTrain Day Pass is valid for unlimited travel (between SF to
SJ) until the last train of the service day (10:30 pm northbound).
This means that you have additional flexibility in case you join us
late, make an alternate stop and rejoin us later, or want to end up
at a different station at the end of the day. Of course if you have
a Caltrain Monthly Ticket you're already covered.
More info:  http://www.caltrain.com/

- We have selected a prix-fixe lunch arrangement to avoid haggling over
the bill. Any drinks you buy will be extra. Alternately there are local
fast-food (probably cheaper) restaurants nearby like Subway, etc. or
you can pack your own lunch. We'll all regroup after lunch before
continuing the tour.

- Eating and drinking is allowed on Caltrain. In fact, some of the
conductors carry bottle openers! If you have a mini-bar or hip flask
bring 'em along. We'll still be stopping at a handful of bars along
the way, so don't forget drinking money.

- For dinner we're planning to stop at the Safeway plaza in Redwood
City (which abuts the train tracks) to buy sandwiches or other portable
eats. Then we'll hold our own 'Diner Car Dinner' on the train ride
later. Again, you can bring your own food if you'd like. On the trip
north (after San Jose), some people may also stop at the Prince Of
Wales in San Mateo, which serves pub food.

- The trains run on the normal weekday schedule, which means they
depart every half hour (give or take). If we stay too long in one
location we'll simply catch the next train and shift the schedule
accordingly. If you're planning to join us mid-route then get
someone's cell phone number to find out which train we'll be on.

- Be aware that part of the S.F. Martin Luther King parade leaves from
the 4th & King St. train station at 11:30 am, heading for the Civic
Center. Getting to the station around that time could be difficult so
plan accordingly. We'll be carrying minibars (which look like vertical
briefcases), but if you can't find us then get on the car closest to
the locomotive (Train # 52) and look for the drunks. Also, if you miss
the train, then you'll have to catch up later on - we ain't gonna wait!

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"Forget the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends."
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