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Let's have another Bunner party!

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Electronic Frontier Foundation Media Advisory

For Immediate Release: Thursday, January 22, 2004


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DVD Descrambling Code Not a Trade Secret

DVD CCA Surrenders in Bunner DVD Descrambling Case

San Jose, California - In a surprising retreat today, the
consortium of entertainment and technology companies known
as DVD CCA is seeking dismissal of a lawsuit against Andrew
Bunner, a republisher of a computer program created to allow
movie lovers to play their DVDs on computers running the
Linux operating system.

DVD CCA effectively gave up a multi-year effort to have the
republication of the program, called DeCSS, declared a
violation of trade secret laws.

"DeCSS has been available on hundreds if not thousands of
websites for 4 years now," said EFF Legal Director Cindy
Cohn. "We're pleased that the DVD CCA has finally stopped
attempting to deny the obvious: DeCSS is not a secret."

The California Supreme Court last year ruled that one could
apply preliminary restraint on publication of a computer
program only in very narrow circumstances. DVD CCA sued
Bunner along with hundreds of people, including some T-shirt

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