[Seth-Trips] bay area keysigning list

Ben Hartshorne sethtrips at green.hartshorne.net
Sat Oct 2 10:12:50 PDT 2004

Hey Seth,

I don't think the creation of the Bay Area Keysigning Mailing List was
advertised here, but I'm sure there are a few seth-trippers that might
be interested in subscribing.  


This list is primarily tasked with organizing keysigning events in the
bay area, but has peripheral comments such as the posting of before and
after WOT graphs...  

For reference, the next keysigning is starting at 7:30pm on Monday, Oct.
4th at Jupiters in Berkeley (across the street from the Berkeley BART

I think I might make it to the beginning of the event, but won't stay


Ben Hartshorne
email: ben at hartshorne.net
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