[Seth-Trips] Alfie Kohn, tonight, Stanford

Aaron Swartz aaronsw at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 10:37:40 PDT 2005

The great Alfie Kohn (perhaps best known to seth-trippers as author of
"Studies Find  Reward Often No Motivator", but also the author of an
amazing series of books about what's wrong with conventional wisdom,
including rewards, competition, and childraising) is giving a lecture
tonight on his new book, _Unconditional Parenting_.

Based on an enormous quantity of psychological research, Kohn finds
that the parenting strategy that most helps kids is one of "working
with" rather than "doing to", meaning parents need to throw away
theory systems of "consequences" (punishments) of "time-outs"
(enforced isolation) and "positive reinforcements" (bribes) and
instead try to show children their unconditional love by working
through problems together.

Kohn is the most amazing speaker -- I saw him last night and he had
the crowd absolutely giddy with excitement, he's so full of energy he
looks like he's simply going to burst at the seams. We had a large
lecture hall last night and it cost $10 to attend but the place was
still packed. I expect this will not be an event to miss.

You can hear an entertaining speech he gave on standardized testing here:

Alfie Kohn
Unconditional Parenting
Stanford Law's Kresge Auditorium
$10 at the door

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