[Seth-Trips] Zack Moves Out. Come Steal His Stuff.

Zack Weinberg zackw at panix.com
Fri Aug 26 18:05:06 PDT 2005

I am moving to San Diego in a frighteningly short time (like a week from
Monday) and I would like to invite you all to come by tomorrow, hang out, play
board games perhaps, and leave with as many of my unwanted books and
miscellaneous widgets as you can carry.

I live at 1837 Church St in San Francisco.  To get there on BART: get off at
24th and Mission, walk down Mission Avenue to 30th St., turn right and walk up
30th to Church, turn left (Church takes a little jag at 30th -- the left turn
is just past the right turn), and walk about halfway up the block.  To get
there in a car, take the 101 to the Cesar Chavez St. exit, follow the signs
for Cesar Chavez West, and drive along CC until you hit Mission; then turn
left, and proceed according to the walking directions.  Parking can be tricky,
but there's usually a space within a couple blocks of the house.

1837 is on the east side of the street (left, as you look uphill); it's brown
with green trim and half-completed copper sheathing on the sides of the
staircase.  I live on the first floor; the entrance is hiding down the little
path to the left of the staircase.  The house phone number is (415) 285-0743.

You are welcome to show up anytime tomorrow after 2pm or so, and leave
whenever you feel like it.  Also, please do bring friends.

I apologize for the short notice.  If you cannot come tomorrow, there'll
probably be stuff left if you come Sunday instead, though there won't be a
party on then.


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