[Seth-Trips] Cena Latina with Cletus Pavanetto, Petaluma, Dec. 29 [jpatpiazza@yahoo.com: Cena Proxima Thu. 29 Dec]

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Cletus Pavanetto is a Vatican Latinist who is the author of _Elementa
linguae et grammaticae latinae_ and President of the Latinitas


He is coming to California and will be at a special Cena Latina
in Petaluma at the end of the month:

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Subject: Cena Proxima Thu. 29 Dec
From: John Piazza <jpatpiazza at yahoo.com>

Salvete omnes.

Laetamur magnopere quod moxmox habebimus cenam alteram, die XXIX huius
mensis. Et non erit cena ordinalis, sed celebratio magna cum Annula nostra,
Andrea Gollan, et amicus benignus Italicus Cletus Pavanetto, Latinitatis
cultor. Locus quoque est bonus, id est fundus Nummi Argenti Petalumae, ubi
solemus rusticare. Quamquam cena patet omnibus, licet plus minusve undecim
hominibus illic pernoctare, dollaris triginta solutis, ne participes
cogantur ebrii aut fessi raedam gubernare. Ut semper, responde ut sciamus
quot simus. Etiam, si vis pernoctare, statim responde ut lectum tuum capias.
Cenabimus hora sexta.

Non-literal translation:

Let us rejoice that soon we shall have another Latin dinner, on the 29th of
this month. This won't be just any old cena, for Nancy, Andrew Gollan, and
Cletus Pavanetto, our distinguished Latinist friend from Italy, will be
there. Even the location is special, namely the Silver Penny Farm in
Petaluma, where we have the Rusticatio.

Though the dinner is open to all, there is room for only 11 or so people to
spend the night (for $30 each), so they don't have to drive home tired or
inebriated. As always, let us know if you'd like to come. If you'd like to
stay over, respond right away, for it's first-come-first-serve. We will dine
at 6pm. Directions to come soon.


John (Ioannes Patricius) Piazza

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