[Seth-Trips] MGM v. Grokster, Tuesday, March 29

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu Jan 20 07:21:42 PST 2005

The Supreme Court has set oral argument in MGM v. Grokster for the
morning of Tuesday, March 29.



Interestingly, the Court will also hear argument in Brand X Internet
Services, a relatively important case on competition policy and
broadband Internet access, immediately after the Grokster argument.

My current thought is to try to get a room at the Bed and Breakfast
that Lisa Rein found for the Eldred argument, and to rent a room there
jointly with anyone else from seth-trips who wants to come.  However,
instead of actually staying in that room, I would try to leave my
stuff there and sleep outside of the Court in order to get in line for
the argument.

(If Eldred is any indication, it might also be practical to sleep at
the actual bed and breakfast and show up to get in line at about 5:00
in the morning; everybody who did that managed to get in, although
just barely.)

So, who's interested in coming?

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