[Seth-Trips] CopyNight, Tuesday July 26, 21st Amendment [dereks@eff.org: [E-S] Fwd: Copynight this Tuesday, July 26; Protect Privacy in CA]

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu Jul 21 23:14:22 PDT 2005

The connection between this CopyNight and the IIPA (not to be confused
with the other IIPA -- that Karl Rove is suspected of breaking and
that I ought to write a blog post about, or improve the Wikipedia
article about) is a little unclear to me, and I don't know whether
Derek is just trying to call attention to the IIPA or to suggest that
it will be discussed at CopyNight.

But in any case, I'm planning to go to the CopyNight after my final
Portuguese class at ABADÁ on Tuesday.

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Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:59:12 -0700
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From: Derek Slater <dereks at eff.org>
Subject: [E-S] Fwd: Copynight this Tuesday, July 26; Protect Privacy in CA

>Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:56:07 -0700
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>From: Derek Slater <slater at fas.harvard.edu>
>Subject: Copynight this Tuesday, July 26; Protect Privacy in CA
>Dear fellow copynighters,
>It's that time again - Copynight!
>Tuesday, July 26, 7 PM
>21st Amendment Brewery & Cafe,
>563 2nd St (between Bryant and Brannan)
>All ages welcome
>We had a great turnout last month - bring yourself, bring your friends, 
>and if you missed last time, come join the fun.
>Now I know it's called Copynight, but I hope you don't mind if I bring 
>your attention to another pressing techie issue. Your help is urgently 
>needed to safeguard privacy here in California by opposing use of RFIDs in 
>state ID cards and supporting the Identity Information Protection Act.
>RFIDs, or Radio Frequency Identification tags, are small embedded chips in 
>documents and objects that respond to remote radio signal requests with 
>identifying data. If RFID tags are included in state IDs, personal data 
>could be scanned without your knowledge or permission, exposing you to the 
>risk of tracking and identity theft.
>The Identity Information Protection Act would prohibit RFID tags in 
>mass-distributed state identification cards like drivers' licenses, 
>student IDs, and library cards for three years. It would also mandate 
>security measures to protect information in cards using RFIDs.
>EFF, the ACLU, and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse all support this bill, and 
>it's nearing passage. It's already through the California Senate, but we 
>need your help to give it one final push.  In four short weeks, the 
>Assembly Appropriations Committee will have a hearing on the bill. We need 
>it to pass then, so we can get the Governor's signature by September 9.
>This is your chance to have a real, immediate impact on California privacy 
>rights. At Copynight, I'll pass out fliers explaining the issues and how 
>you can help.  I'll have plenty so you can pass them out to friends and 
>family.  For more information and to send a message to your state assembly 
>members and senators, you can also visit: http://www.eff.org/rfid
>Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you Tuesday,
>Derek Slater

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