[Seth-Trips] *Tomorrow*: Studio Ghibli movies, Berkeley

Riana Pfefferkorn riana at whitties.org
Sat Jun 25 22:58:14 PDT 2005

The Studio Ghibli filmfest has been going on all month, and Sunday the 
26th is the second-to-last day of screenings. There are three movies 
showing tomorrow. I would like to see "Pom Poko" at 4:05 and "Grave of the 
Fireflies" at 6:25. Let me know if you would like to go too, and we can 
meet up at the theater. (I'll be coming up from Mountain View, so in the 
unlikely event that you'd be coming from there also, I'm happy to offer a 



riana pfefferkorn - riana at whitties.org

Thaes ofereode, thisses swa maeg

- Deor


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