[Seth-Trips] Park Challenge puzzle hunt, GG Park, July 24 [zackw@panix.com: [Fwd: [parkchallenge] Park Challenge 4!]]

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu Jun 30 15:18:28 PDT 2005

I did this in the past and enjoyed it a lot.  I have much more aerobic
stamina now than I did then, so I might enjoy it even more this time.
Does anybody want to join in?  Note that teams are 2-4 people.

  Park Challenge 2005 is here! We will be holding PC4 on Sunday, July
  24th, at 10:00 A.M. in Golden Gate Park.

  What to look forward to at Park Challenge #4: all-new, crafty, fun
  puzzles, and a romp through the west end of Golden Gate Park! We will
  have two divisions for PC4, recreational and competitive.
  The race format will remain the same as previous Park Challenge
  events: teams of 2-4 members will solve 6 puzzles, each of which will
  lead you, via the official race map provided to your team, to a
  location in Golden Gate Park. It's a combination of puzzle-solving
  skills, navigation and teamwork that makes for a successful team!"

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Are either/both of you interested in this?  Note they're not kidding when
they say "morning" -- last one started at 9AM, if memory serves.


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After a too long hiatus, Park Challenge is back. Look for another
exciting morning of puzzle solving and outdoor adventure in Golden Gate
Park on Sunday, July 24.

Park Challenge is a family friendly event in Golden Gate Park that offers
a 3-5 hour morning of using your brain and enjoying the
delights of the park. There are 6 puzzles of varying difficulty hidden
throughout the park, and your job is to find and solve all of them. The
answer to one puzzle leads to the location of the next. Your team can
participate either casually or competitively, whatever works best for you.
At the end of the race snacks  are provided, prizes awarded, and stories
from the field are swapped.

Registration is now open. Check out all the details at
www.parkchallenge.com. Hope to see everyone there!

-PC4 Team.

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