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This sounds very interesting, but it conflicts perfectly with the cena
Latina.  I would go if it weren't for the cena.  But I'm still
thinking of doing the "Learn to Ride a Segway" on Sunday in the
afternoon before the cena (and before this event).

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Subject: Berkeley Cybersalon on Tech and the Developing World, May 15

Y'all might be interested in this...

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Berkeley Cybersalon /Technology and the Developing World: Boon or
Bane? / Sunday, May 15, 6:00-8:00 p.m. The Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar
St., Berkeley Silicon Valley people love to solve problems, but in
the process they often create new problems?as in the Third World.
While technology can level the playing field for developing
countries, it often supplants and destroys the very cultures these
societies have taken centuries, if not millennia, to develop. How
should we introduce new technologies to developing countries so that
we can keep the best of both worlds? Join us for an interactive
panel-audience discussion on this topic. Invited panelists include:
Lee Felsenstein, who built the first portable computer, the Osborne,
and has tried to port the Internet to the jungles of Laos using the
pedal power of the bicycle. Eric Brewer, cofounder of spider search
engine Inktomi and computer science professor at UC Berkeley, who
just led a delegation of open source computing advocates to India.
Richard Komans, who set up an Internet Bookmobile Project in Uganda
to download and publish books on the spot, and Jessica Mitchell, a
Geekcorps technology volunteer who is working with Ghana?s ISPs. And
invited to join the discussion on the other side of the debate:
Claudia Carr, UCB associate professor in Environmental Science,
Policy, and Management, who has firsthand experience of the way
modern technology destroys ancient cultures. Iain Boal, social
historian of science and technics at UCB?s Institute of International
Studies, edited a book called ?Resisting the Virtual Life: The Culture
and Politics of Information,? which sheds some insights on the damage
caused by high-tech, for export or not. Come join us for an engaging
discussion in which everyone is encouraged to participate. $10 gets
you drinks and something to whet your appetite. The Hillside Club is
half a mile from the Berkeley BART station, and coming south from
Highway 80, take the University Ave. exit, go under the freeway along
the frontage road and make a right at the 4RENT sign, which is Cedar
St. Go up two miles and park. If you need a ride, contact
whoisylvia at aol.com.

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