[Seth-Trips] Bat Boy, SF, Nov 1 - 4

Aaron Swartz me at aaronsw.com
Tue Oct 25 07:22:31 PDT 2005

Brian Flemming, filmmaker, author, long-time supporter of Creative
Commons, also co-authored the musical _Bat Boy: The Musical_. I've
been listening to the soundtrack (which I purchased using
micropayments) for years dreaming of someday seeing this show, and now
it turns out it's being staged in SF while I'm out there. It should be
pretty awesome -- it's got bats, sex, Christianity, politics, etc. Its
message of treating everyone equally has been denounced by major
Christian leaders and lynch mobs have tried to have school productions

If anyone wants to come see it with me or do anything else while I'm
in SF, let me know.

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