[Seth-Trips] Cena Latina, February 25 [jpatpiazza@yahoo.com: Cena proxima, 25 feb]

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Thu Feb 9 17:01:34 PST 2006

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Volumus Latine cenare die xxv apud Karolam amicam nostram, in civitate
nomine Albania. Solemus convenire circa horam sextam post meridiem. Ut
semper, portate vinum aut $5. Date quaeso responsum, si licet vobis cenare,
ut sciamus quot simus. Si locum domi Karolae nescitis, nuntium mittite, et
cursum praebam.

Valeatis, et mox vos videbo.


Greetings. We would like to have another Latin dinner on the 25th of this
month, at our friend Karla's house in Albany. We will convene around 6pm. As
always, please bring etiher wine/beverage, or $5. Please RSVP, so that I
know how many we will be. If you don't know where Karla's house is, let me
know, and I'll send directions.

Be well, and I'll see you there.

John Piazza

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