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Hrmm I'm resending this because I don't know if it went through the
first time...

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Hey Guys,

I realize this email is about as last minute as you can get... But you
have to pardon me, I've been hella sick with an infection for the past
couple of days.

At any rate, I'm no fan of DRM by any stretch, but there are few
things that suck more in life than showing up at a protest and not
being clear and well thought out in the intent of why you are there -
I feel it hurts both you and your cause.

So with that, I have to wonder what message we are exactly delivering
tomorrow?   Is it that DRM in itself as a technology is bad?  Is it
that apple shouldn't be deploying DRM in ipod/itunes?  What is getting
me out on a saturday morning to stand on Market Street, coming across
as a raving anti-iTunes lunatic (and hypocrite at that), warning the
world of DRM technology when I could be spending my time trying to get
people fed?  On top of that, there's a very legitimate critique saying
that Apple is the only succesful player that has managed to bring old
media content to the digital domain and succeeded as a mass business

To me, this fight on a broader basis is about trade, the DMCA, and
intellectual enclosure - the digital equivalent of the British Salt
Tax on India.  DRM as a technology, like all other technologies, is
wholly neutral -- it's the policy around that will shape it's
adoption.  Getting back to apple I have 3 questions for anyone still
  1) What choice does apple have as a market player?
  2) how do we as consumer, producers and citizens address this?
  3) Who are the most important people to get our point across to?

I'm all about raising awareness, and I like the look and feel of the
campaign... I'm just trying to figure out if this is just going to
look like a rich white kid's weekend version of a protest to the
people that will be on market street.

If any of you have any thoughts, particularly before tomorrow morning,
I'd really like to hear it...


On 6/5/06, Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org> wrote:
> There is going to be a protest at the Apple Store in various cities,
> including San Francisco.
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> From: Gregory Heller DefectiveByDesign.org
>     <appleflash at defectivebydesign.org>
> To:  praveen  sinha <ampere at evil-wire.org>
> Subject: DRM Action: 6/10 Apple Event Info
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> Dear praveen,
> RSVP now to join local freedom fighters from 10am to 12pm (local time) in:
> New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, and Plano to Flash mob Apple stores
> If you want to make news on June 10th:
>  * RSVP to  appleflash at defectivebydesign.org or reply to this message with the city in the subject
>  * Let us know what you would like to do from 10:00am to 12:00pm (take pictures, hand out leaflets, wear a hazmat suit) in the RSVP email
>  * Sign up friends in the target city to join you in the fun (http://www.defectivebydesign.org/spread)
> If you are an experienced organizer or would like to assist with local logistics in any of these locations, please tell us when you RSVP.
> We will send out details on the location, contact info for your local organizer, and other logistics later this week.
> We look forward to making a big splash with you and your friends on June 10th!
> Henri, Peter & Gregory
> P.S. Please feel free to widely distribute this message to any local lists or social networking sites to spread the word!
> DefectiveByDesign.org is a project of the Free Software Foundation
> Fifty One Franklin Street, Fifth Floor
> Boston, MA 02110
> United States
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