[Seth-Trips] Defective By Design anti-DRM protest, June 10 [ampere@on.evil-wire.org: DRM Action: 6/10 Apple Event Info (fwd)]

Praveen Sinha dmhomee at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 09:37:43 BST 2006

> The only problem is that what they are trading to get this market
> advantage is our rights :-(.  So it seems quite logical to me to fight
> back through the market, by raising awareness and attempting to reduce
> consumption of restricted systems.

So it's late at night, but I guess what I'm trying to get at (which at
this point is sort of a moot point), is that there are 3 incredibly
large hurdles to explaining to the person on the street why you are
out there on the street:

1) What is DRM in layman's terms with less than 15 seconds worth explanation
2) How does this affect your rights in less than 15 seconds worth of explanation
3) Why this is a globally encompassing issue that is not about file
sharing, but rather about a future where (digital) libraries and book
lending are illegal, and a third party will monitor all your

To make your elevator pitch more challenging, if you say the wrong
thing, you risk coming across as a) I don't understand what? b) boring
nerd c) paranoid hippy d) rich yuppie with nothing better to do than
surf the internet.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I think maybe some infographics may help
in explaining the topic... Even if not ready for tomorrow, for future
events in general...

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