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So, I recently moved (again) -- this time into a reconverted hostel
flipped into something of a permanent housing social petri dish, where
an experiment of habitually living with lots of other people under the
constraints of capitalist society is on going....   Anyway, our
experimental household is throwing a party!   Technically, it's a
birthday party for some roommates, but it doubles as a housewarming
party for myself.

Sorry for the ultra last minute notice - if you are in the mission
stop by and have a drink!

The scoop:

When: Sat, 05-13-06, 8ish - ?

Where: 2976 23rd St., right off of harrison and 23rd, a 10 minute walk
from 24th+mission bart

Who: With 15 housemates, and everyone inviting their networks, this
party will be BIG, diverse, and most likeley sprawling.    FOAFs are
more than welcome

What to bring:  Technically it's an Alice in Wonderland party... But
since many of you on the list just attended a high profile AiW
party/jake's going away party, don't stress about dressing up [I won't
myself].  I'm sure, however, any intoxicants that you bring will be
readily consumed.

Contact: 650.714.9262 (cell) / h0mee on #evil-wire, irc.freenode.net

Hope to see you!  If not, love and Peace!


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