[Seth-Trips] Borat, this weekend

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Nov 10 23:12:36 GMT 2006

Aaron Swartz:
> >        http://overcompensating.com/2006/11/whorat.html
> >
> >Not everyone.  I have no intention of seeing it, really.  It just
> >strikes me as the same style of humor that the GNAA engage in: shock
> >racism with intent to troll.
> Whatever Latka Gravas is, I don't think it's shock racism with intent
> to troll. 

Latka Gravas was Andy Kaufmann's character on Taxi.  You're right in
that Latka was not a GNAA-style troll the way Borat is.  

> I think comparing Borat to it gives Borat too much credit.

As do I.  Jeffrey Rowland simply points out that the bumbling slav
charicature has been done to death already, and done entertainingly in a
few cases.  

Do not make eye contact with the Borat movie.  Do not dignify it with an
insult.  Simply ignore and move on.  It's not worth your time.

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