[Seth-Trips] Richard Stallman speaking repeatedly in the Bay Area, early September

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Tue Aug 28 23:04:19 BST 2007

The only one of these that I haven't heard before is the one about
GPLv3 (at Stanford Law School), and that's the only one that I
personally anticipate going to this time.

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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 14:41:16 -0700
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Subject: RMS Bay area speaking engagements, Sept 6-13


Just giving everyone a heads that Richard Stallman of Free Software
fame will be coming to the bay are next week and giving various
talks/speeches around the area. All of his talks are open to the
public (and they are encouraged to attend), slight exception is when
he is speaking at Berkley on Wed, Sept 12, you must RSVP(I believe
it's a room space situation).

All info below(I'm not positive about the times, I'll update if they change).

Thursday, Sept 6 noon-12:45pm @ Sonoma State University, Darwin Hall,
room 102. Titled "The Free Software Movement". More info:

Monday, Sept 10 12:30-2:30pm @ Stanford University, 559 Nathan Abbott
Way(I believe this is the Crown Quadrangle), room 208A. Titled
"GPLv3". Info:

Tuesday, Sept 11 3:00-5:00pm @ San Jose State University, Student
Union Building (One Washington Square, San Jose, CA), "Umunhum Room",
Floor 2. Titled "The Free Software Movement". Info:

****This event at Berkley is strongly requested that you RSVP****
Wednesday,  Sept 12  4:00-5:00pm @ UC Berkeley School of Information,
South Hall, Room 110, Berkeley, CA 94720. Titled "Copyright vs.
Community". Info:

The following event are on Thursday in San Francisco, but details
haven't been finalized yet.

Thursday, Sept 13 12:20-1:20pm @ University of San Francisco, Harney
Science Center, Kudlick Classroom (Room 235). Subject of talk is still
pending. More info:

Thursday, Sept 13 5:30-7:00pm @ San Francisco State University. More
precise location details will be forthcoming. Talk titled "Copyright
vs. Community" and more info:

I repost this info again closer to the dates. Hopefully w/ all the
details filled in. Any questions, please forwarded them to either RMS
assistant Jeanne, rms-assist at gnu.org, or me (Steve Bibayoff)
bibayoff at gmail.com.

Please forward this announcement to anybody/group who may be
interested. Thank You,


ps. Richard may need a ride up to Sonoma from the Bay. I don't have
the exact details yet, but if anyone interested who could help, please
shoot me(or Jeanne, rms-assist at gnu.org) an email. TIA.
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bad at bad.debian.net

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