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A woman was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband opening the
front door. "Hurry!" she said, "stand in the corner." She quickly rubbed
baby oil all over him and then she dusted him with talcum powder. "Don't
move until I tell you to," she whispered. "Just pretend you're a
statue."What's this, honey?" the husband inquired as he entered the room.
"Oh, it's just a statue," she replied nonchalantly. "The Smiths bought one
for their bedroom. I liked it so much, I got one for us too." No more was
said about the statue, not even later that night when they went to sleep.
Around two in the morning the husband got out of bed, went to the kitchen
and returned a while later with a sandwich and a glass of milk. "Here," he
said to the 'statue', "eat something. I stood like an idiot at the Smiths'
for three days and nobody offered me as much as a glass of water."
A young man was walking through a super market to pick up a few things when
he noticed an old lady following him. ¡°Pardon me," she said. "I'm sorry if
my staring at you has made you feel uncomfortable. It's just that you look
just like my son, who died recently.¡± I¡¯m very sorry," replied the young
man, "is there anything I can do for you?¡± Yes," she said, "as I'm leaving,
would you say¡¯ Goodbye, mother?' It would make me feel so much better.¡±
Sure," answered the young man. As the old woman was leaving, he called
out,¡± Goodbye, Mother!"  Then, as he stepped up to the checkout counter, he
saw that his total was $127.00. "How can that be?" he asked.  "I only
purchased a few things!¡± The clerk replied, "Your mother said you'd pay for
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