[svfig-announce] Fdo Real V-.al1um, X.A^nax, Da.R~, v0n, L.Ev'^itra..S-, 0ma... 0ve^rnite To Your D0^'0r

lionel mcmahan kandacemattazson at urllife.com
Sat Jul 17 18:23:00 PDT 2004

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C`_ana.,da me'^di~_cine & fast shi-`pping

Y,afkrabbers G http://k.fp.cnacom.com/29/

"When we see someone keep it together in a situation of great stress and
terror, it sort of, I think, excites us and makes us feel a little more
capable. But it's also a great ride," Weaver said.
And Mesecar said, "If we have requests to look at providing this
flexibility for a slightly larger district, we would be open to considering
that, as long as it's not flexibility for its own sake, but flexibility
where it is needed."
yosatsu2junetu16nyuusens,haru mokuhai. 

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