[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Second Big Adventure

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Fri Dec 3 10:30:01 PST 2004

> [GM]
> Kyle already seems on the case, though with little success.  A
> technowizard might have a better chance at success.
> Bongo sits down again and prepares to enter the astral realm.  A few
> minutes later he's unconscious and the psychics again briefly see a
> faint figure rise up and go through a wall.
> Even as Bongo's astral form disappears, Arden, who has been standing
> quietly, suddenly collapses, his eyes rolling back to reveal on the
> whites.
> [/GM]

Bongo's astral form pierces through a bulkhead and wanders down the
passage and past the guards, who obviously do not have the Captain's
senses as they don't notice anything at all.  Soon Bongo is going
down (the most obvious place for the brig).  For the most part, all
is quiet.  Most of the crew are asleep or in their cabins gambling,
watching movies or otherwise amusing themselves.

Finally Bongo descends to the lowest deck.  It is dark and dank
down here.  Pumps can be heard running in the distance, and
passage ways are narrow and filled with pipes and wires, not
unlike, it seems, the bowels of Old Chicago.  Bongo turns a corner
to see three guards in similar armor as the ones guarding his

One of the three seems quite unhappy.  "I'm don't like this one
damn bit." he says.  "What's the Captain doing, locking up
Phaeton in there.  I mean, the spy I can understand, but you know
Phaeton, he's got his weird religion and oaths and all."

Another slaps the first gaurd's helmet.  "Shut you up, Roger."
this guard says in a hard north English accent.  "There's no
call for talk of that sort.  The Captain catches wind o' you
saying that, he'll have you scrubbing the deck with your ass."

The third guard laughs.  "That I'd like to see!  Still, ol'
Roger here has a point.  Things have been funny ever since we picked
up those strangers.  They've got the Captain spooked, and
Phaeton weren't behaving no better.  Now we're not stopping in
Dublin, though I've got the sweetest lass there."

Roger laughs in turn.  "You've got sweet lasses everywhere, Dwight.
If we stuck all your sweet lasses together in a room, they might
not be so sweet after all!  But look, we've got a few more days,
and the Captain told me the passengers would be disembarking,
whether they liked it or not.  Now that's not courtesty if
you ask me.  He's also got it out for that new guy, Arden.  Nice
sort, for an Elf, and fought against that dragon or whatever it
was."  Roger then leans forward and adds quietly, "I'll tell
you what I think.  I think the Captain's gone a little funny,
that's what I think."

The other two nod in agreement.  Clearly this is not a happy crew.

Bongo slips past and through the heavily guarded, and apparently
very heavy door (being three inches thick of what looks like very
tough megadamage material).  Inside the spy is sleeping on the
bunk, his face looking like it's been through a meat
Phaeton is sitting on the floor in a lotus position, chanting in
some strange language "Kom ru lakrur.  Lakrur taz mukurn."

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