[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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>>OOC: Will Rod bring telemechanics to bear?
> yes. if it is required to expediate the issue, it will
> be used

Rod, unable to figure out how precisely to fix the camera in a short 
period of time, instead uses his psychic powers, and probes the camera 
with his Telemechanics ability.

The camera could be repaired, but much of the memory has been lost 
simply due to its age. Most of the pictures are lost, the memory they 
sit on so badly deterioated that the digital patterns are lost. Still, 
Rod keeps searching, and then he finds a few pictures.

There are three, one is of a building, looking like a temple. The 
picture is indistinct, almost as if the picture was taken through thick 
glass. Large columns can be seen, supporting a roof that looks to be 
made of solid granite. Around the temple, as far as can be seen, is a 
wasteland littered with tree trunks, large boulders and swamp. It's hard 
to make out due to the deterioration of the memory, but it seems almost 
as if someone is standing in front of the temple, a tiny figure, which 
if man-size, means the building is huge.

The next shot, though it must be separated from the temple picture by 
dozens of others, seems to be taken from the top of a cliff. Below are a 
number of men on horses, one of which has skin nearly as white as snow. 
The others are an ugly looking bunch, possibly some sort of mercenaries 
by the lack of uniforms but the large numbers of weapons on their 
person. The white-skinned man carries only a sword, and runes can be 
made out on it.

The third shot is the least-well preserved of the three. It is only a 
few shots away from the one with the white-skinned man. It seems to be 
of the mouth of a cave. Within there is a bright red glow. Someone, 
possibly a woman, is standing off to the side, with what could be a key 
in her hand. The image is too badly scrambled to make out any more.

The rest of the memory contains nothing but a few spatterings, not 
enough for anything comprehensible to be made out. With enough time, Rod 
could probably construct an interface to his own notebook, but it will 
take a little effort, and it is doubtful that there is anything on the 
camera that telemechanics couldn't find first, and better.

There is still the journal of one Quinton David Barnabas, of course. As 
Rod last remembers, it was in Bongo's possession.

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