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>Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>Two years ago today I sent out the first post for the PBEM.  Wow, we've made it through 24 months and with the loss of only one player, and the addition of two more!
>>Congrats everyone.
>I wish my Palladium Fant PBEM has as good a percentages

Talking to a PBEM GMs, I've discovered that so far we've bucked the
trend.  Most PBEMs just sort of fizzle out after a few months.  What
impressed one fellow I was talking to was that I had managed to maintain
almost all my original players.  He said in his AD&D2 PBEM, by the end
of six months he'd lost three of his six players, and that one of the
remaining ones was pretty nonresponsive.  He managed to keep the game
going and got some more reliable players in.

I'm glad I went with the longer posting schedule.  I think for a lot of
PBEMs that have short cycles (a day or two) it's just too overwhelming,
with messages flooding your inbox.

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