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Thu Dec 16 17:28:50 PST 2004

My game was started in June 2002 and is still running. Problem is that I 
have three regular posting and seven people subscribed. I bet I have had 
at least 10 people who I have unsubcribed or they have unsubscribed.

Aaron Clausen wrote:

>Talking to a PBEM GMs, I've discovered that so far we've bucked the
>trend.  Most PBEMs just sort of fizzle out after a few months.  What
>impressed one fellow I was talking to was that I had managed to maintain
>almost all my original players.  He said in his AD&D2 PBEM, by the end
>of six months he'd lost three of his six players, and that one of the
>remaining ones was pretty nonresponsive.  He managed to keep the game
>going and got some more reliable players in.
>I'm glad I went with the longer posting schedule.  I think for a lot of
>PBEMs that have short cycles (a day or two) it's just too overwhelming,
>with messages flooding your inbox.

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