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Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Fri Nov 5 11:47:31 PST 2004


Standing over the old man's body as the Medic looks up and says to his group of friends that St. Pierre didnt make it, Osiris eyes looks down and rests upon the old geezer's body. A gentle smile appears on his lips as he kneels down and closes the man's eyes, "your going to a better place now St. Pierre, may the lord grant you peace and let your soul be at rest.?


Putting one of his hands on his chest, the young knight gives the old man a traditional Cyberknight salute before turning to the others. ?Well I guess he is off to a better place now leaving us to continue what we started?.?


He gives each member a warm and friendly smile as he walks towards bongo and Kyle, ?well we have fought monsters from the abyss, crawled through sewers, opened up a rift, picked a fight with the CS and now look where we landed..back in time!!! I think its either time for a beer or a nap?.but before that lets go see the Captain of the ship and see where we are headed.? 


As he walks past the elf that seems to be rather friendly with Alex, he nods and smiles.


Intentions ? if he gets the chance he will recharge his e-clips and get some food and drink down his stomach and if the situation permits catch some zzzzzzz.


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