[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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> [GM]
> While Lady Frost and Osiris meet the captain, the company notices that
> the rest of the crew becomes somber.  Many take off their hats and nod
> towards old Thomas St. Pierre.
> The medic looks to Alex and the rest of the company.  "We will be
> docking in Dublin no later than tomorrow morning." he says.  "We can
> bury him at sea, if you wish, or other arrangements can be made then.
> He turns quickly and walks off.  Another fellow comes running up, a
> short, stocky orc!  He waves at Arden, jumping up and down like a
> deranged monkey.  He bows to the rest of the company, though keeping a
> nervous eye on Rod.
> "I be Grom, son of Pek son of Grak the Disemboweler." he says.  "Skipper
> says you need rooms, and tell me to tell Arden to lead down below deck,
> and me to help!  Come, come.  You have big dinner tonight!  Skipper say
> special day!"
> The orc grabs Arden's arm and points below decks.  "Come!  Go!" Grom the
> orc says excitedly.
> [/GM]

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> [Alex]
> Alex straigtens up slowly while looking at St Pierre. She smiles a faint
> smile at him, "Life has sure been intersting with him," seeming to pay
> no attention to the Medic. She then turns to the medic, "Do believe that
> there is a god? Many of the families around the area I was born were
> very devout but the Coalition always taught that there wer not gods just
> mosters." She pauses for a few minutes, "I don't think he would mind
> being buried in water. Does someone know a prayer?"
> [/Alex]


Bongo takes off his own hat and places it over his chest as a somber look of 
his own spreads across his muzzle.   "Bon voyage, old man.   Here's hoping you 
can finally find peace on the other side."

As the rather exuberant orc comes up and addresses the group, Bongo looks at 
him quizzically as he replaces his hat.   Noticing his rather leery reaction 
to Rod, he leans over and mutters, "I think you spooked him, buddy..."

He shrugs his shoulders. "Well, if the skipper says it's a special day then 
let's hope the beer's just as good as it is 20 years from now," he quips with a 
slight grin.   "I could do with a hot shower and a chance to dry out my 
gear... and try to replace the armor that just got sizzled..." he grimaces at the 
thought of the gaping hole in his backplate -- and even though he hasn't 
checked, he figures his duster is probably in need of replacement too.

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