[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

Paul Groeneveld delthin_x at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 19:38:48 PST 2004

> Grom leads the company below decks, turning back to
> keep a suspicious
> eye on Rod and Kyle ever few steps. 

[Rod Black]
Every time Grom looks Rods way, Rod smiles warmly
[/Rod Black

> The company is given an hour to shower and clean up,
> then Phaeton
> knocks on their doors, dressed in jet-black clothes
> and a long, black


> happen.  If you have
> small weapons, easily concealable, then bring them."
>  He pulls his coat
> aside, revealing a the hilt and pommel of a blade
> tucked into his boot.
> Strange runes that faintly glow can be seen on the
> handle.

Rod will be dressed in his black leathers and skull
cap. his bracers will be on under his sleeves and his
converted wilks pistol under histucked into his pants
at the back.

> the server moves around, filling in each wine glass.
>  It is then that
> they notice that the server has a rather large,
> elegant ring with a
> carving a dragon on it.  To Arden it doesn't mean
> anything, and for
> a moment the others can't place it either.
> Then it leaps into their heads.  This is the same
> symbol that was
> found on that box back in the sewers beneath Old
> Chicago, the one
> with the letters QDB on the top, that contained old
> vials of penicillin,
> morphine and rubbing alcohol, not to mention a
> digital camera and an old
> journal with the name "Quinton David Barnabas" on
> it.  The memory of the
> box leaps into their heads.
> [/GM]

[Rod Black]
If phaeton is sitting close enough to rod for him to
wisper, rod wispers a question to phaeton, "I have
seen the symbol on his ring before, who is your
server?" then makes a mental note to take a look at
the digital camera he took from the chest.  if phaeton
is not close enough he asks bongo in a whisper if he
still has that chest he picked up.
[/Rod Black]

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