[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Wed Nov 24 12:49:44 PST 2004

> [Kyle]
> Kyle leans back and smiles at Lady Frost.  "I will tell you all
> one thing I don't trust our new friends at all, but one thing I
> am sure of is that you have our good captain rather scared my lady.
> [/Kyle]

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost sighs.  "Well, I've helped the save the world once or
twice, but I've never saved the universe... or the megaverse.  If
these people are untrustworthy, that leaves us in a tricky place.
Didn't they say something about Ireland?  I'm sure it's nothing
like it used to be, but that may be our last chance.  Otherwise,
it looks like America, and unless the Atlantic has shrunk, this
old ship is going to take a few weeks to get there."
[/Lady Frost]

> [Arden]
> The only real reaction from Arden over the now almost empty
> room is a slightly raised eyebrow, and a glance aimed at Alex.
> He shrugs, then takes another drink.
> [/Arden]

A few minutes later the same crewmember that had delivered the
message to the Captain reappears.  He walks over to Arden.

"The Captain asks that you take our guests back to their rooms
and to stay there." he says quietly to Arden.  "We have a minor
security issue and we don't want anyone getting hurt in case...
um... we have to use more... ah... forceful measures."

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