[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

Cutter cutter at dodo.com.au
Thu Nov 25 23:44:27 PST 2004

> [Lady Frost]
> "I am tired," Lady Frost says, "and I think we've seen enough action today
> that we can let these people deal with their own problems."
> She gets up and follows Arden down the hall to her's and Alex's quarters.
> [/Lady Frost]
"Well there is nothing else for it then.  I could use some sleep."
Kyle will go back to his cabin once inside he will set up some noisy but 
non-fatal trigger on the door incase some one decides to pay him a visit 
during the night.  Before he heads of to sleep he will strip and clean his 
weapons and armor making sure all is well and all weapons are loaded.

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