[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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BorgOmatic at aol.com wrote:In a message dated 11/25/2004 2:46:13 PM Central Standard Time, mightymartianca at alberni.net writes:
> [Arden]
> He discreetly raises an eyebrow, then, in a garbled accent, says, "Yes,
> massster. I vill follo' ordahs." Turning towards the rest of the group, he
> smiles slightly and speaks a bit louder in his normal voice. "Let me show
> you back to the rooms so we can all get some much needed rest. Follow me."
> With that, he stands gracefully, and nods towards the door briefly, before
> walking down the hall.
> [/Arden]

[Lady Frost]
"I am tired," Lady Frost says, "and I think we've seen enough action today
that we can let these people deal with their own problems."

She gets up and follows Arden down the hall to her's and Alex's quarters.
[/Lady Frost]
Bongo makes careful mental notes of all those present at the 'celebration,' and listens intently to the captain's spiel, but gives no outward indication of the gears turning inside his head.
When Arden stands up and heads out, Bongo stretches and yawns.  "Yep, as the pre-Cataclysm philosophers said -- 'it's been a hard day's night.'  I could do with some rest myself."  
Once back in his cabin, Bongo waits until everyone has left except for his companions, then uses Astral Projection to get a better look at what's going on 'up top.'  If there are companions with him, he will inform them of what he's going to do so nobody will freak if he goes seemingly comatose.
Sensing that something is astray with the captain and his officers, he keeps his guard up and follows the rest of his companions back to their quarters. Once they reach their quarters Osiris says to Kyle and Bongo "gentlemen if you are not to tired i would like to ask you a few questions about my body armor." Making sure that no one is sneaking about outside, he closes the door and sits down with the boys to discusss their current situation.
If bongo wants to do his out of body trick again, i guess Osiris and kyle will sit and wait till bongo has done his thing and return with some news.
Before going to bed - Osiris will clean his gear, stripe and clean his weapons, find a place to recharge his clips and after all is done he will fold away his uniform and pack up his gear so that he is ready to rock and roll at any given time.
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