[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Astral Journey (Private)

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Mon Nov 29 22:14:23 PST 2004

Bongo's astral form slips through the ceiling, through a crawlspace of tubes
and airducts, through another deck, empty save for flickering lights, and
then up and on to the deck.  Darkness has descended, but off in the distance
can be seen the silhouette of a coastline, a few lights flickering.

Quickly Bongo's attention turns to the waiter that had at first served them,
in black clothes, only his face, white and gaunt, easily visible.  He is
surrounded by several men, including the Captain and Phaeton.  Phaeton and
the Captain are arguing fiercely.

"He is a spy!" the Captain rages, "I will'na suffer him to live a minute."

"We do not know who he is." Phaeton says, almost pleading.  "We cannot kill
him.  That would be cold-blooded murder.  Besides, he may know something of
our guests."

One of the sailors pipes up.  "Let's feed him to the sharks, and whatever
beastly things dwell in these haunted waters.  He's up to no good, I'll
warrant, and we can't afford to have him around."

The Captain laughs mercilessly, a fell light in his eyes.  "Aye, you have
that right, Silbran."

The man turns to Phaeton and begs.  "Phaeton, you have been tricked.  These
men are not followers of..."

Before Phaeton can even react, the Captain whips out a small pistol and
fires.  The man collapses, jerks a few times and then is still.  Phaeton
cries and leaps at the Captain.  The Captain easily meets Phaeton's attack,
and with a swift movement brings his arm down on Phaeton's neck, and the
tattooed man falls to the ground.

"You'd be well advised, Priest, to remember who it 'tis who commands this
tub." the Captain says quietly.  "I will'na kill the man, if that be your
wish.  He's just stunned, and will wake up with a bad headache for his
troubles.  I'll give ye all the time ye need to talk, in the brig together."

The Captain motions to the guards.  "Take these two away.  Lock them tight
in the null cell.  We don't know this bastard's tricks, and we know
Phaeton's all too well.  Maybe letting them live will be educational."

In short order the guards drag Phaeton and and the other man below decks.
The Captain pulls a cigar out of his packet, lights it with a golden
lighter, and takes a long puff.  He turns and looks straight at Bongo's
astrol body.  Bongo sees the Captain strain, one of his eyes seeming to
change color, and then he turns to the sailor, Silbran.

"Eh, you, Silbran.  Go check up on our guests.  See if any need any medical
attention.  Report back to me, I'll be in my quarters.  Do na' trust that
Arden, either.  I have a feeling he's more than he seems.  He has the same
smell that Phaeton has about him."  With that the Captain turns and leaves.

OOC: I'll leave it up to you to decide whether Bongo returns to his
companions, or does some more sniffing around.

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