[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Astral Journey (Private)

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> OOC: I'll leave it up to you to decide whether Bongo returns to his
> companions, or does some more sniffing around.

OOC: Whoops!  Meant that to be private.  Oh well!  Bongo would have told
everyone, I'm sure :-)

OOC: Loose lips may sink ships, but in this case you merely saved me the trouble of cutting and pasting... ;)  Stoopid of me though -- I need to remember to act as if Bongo is still visible and actually sneak around when in astral form.

Upon hearing the captain order 'Silbran' to go check up on the group, Bongo figures that he's been 'outed' by Captain Eyeball somehow and rather than sniffing around any further decides to return to his companions.  He makes his astral way back down to his body as fast as possible and opens his eyes to see if he's made it back before the captain's goon.

Assuming he's made it back before Silbran, he relates what he's seen and heard to those present, including the captain's possible discovering Bongo eavesdropping.  

If Arden is with them in the cabin, Bongo will withhold the captain's suspicions about him for the moment.  Otherwise Bongo will include that information as well.  However, regardless he does make a mental note to press Arden for information as to how he came to be with the ship and its crew after Silbran checks in with them.

Also, after Silbran checks in (and leaves), Bongo will also divulge the following information about the engraving on the waiter's ring:

> He turns around to look at the box and sees the engravings/symbol.
> "Hold on a minute... that's the 'House of the Wyrm' emblem.  They
> went over this at Lone Star -- they were a guild within the
> Federation of Magic way back about 30-something years ago. They
> seemed to be attracted to shrines and temples that humans and D-bees
> built after the Cataclysm -- particularly those involved with dragon
> worship, kinda like that Cult of Dragonwright you hear of every once
> in a while.  Of course the CS said that as magic users they were all
> evil as they come, but according to some of my research after
> becoming a free agent they weren't known for being really evil... or
> really good, for that matter." Bongo shrugs.

(OOC: Thank you, GM, for providing the voice of Bongo's memory...)



Looking at the group, he gets everyone to huddle in close and says in a low voice, "the captain obviously is suspicious of us and our new friend Arden and it seems that the priest and the waiter fellow has something to do with the house of Wyrm."

Looking briefly at the door Osiris speaks again "they obviously expect trouble from us and want to keep us on this ship a while longer. I think we should find a way to try and speak to the priest and his friend, then find a way to get off this ship....i have a feeling that the captain and this crew is up to something...."

"Ladies please excuse me i am going to go and check on our good friend Rod and see what he is up to." 

Intention - Osiris will go out and head into the pasageway and then into Rod's room, when he is outside he will take a casual glance at the 2 guards and take note on what armor they are using and how they are armed. Then he will see what rod is up to and if he is not busy let him know the situation and drag him into their room.


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