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>OOC Okay, I just hope this one goes through as well. I'm not sure where
>exactly I left off, however. But, I'll take a shot.
>He sets down Lena behind a bunker, hoping she'll be safe, and throws his
>vibroknife towards the nearest sailor then draws his Wilks-Remi from his
>back holster, setting it to it's highest setting and firing as many shots as
>he can squeeze off.

OOC: I'm just about finished up writing your's and Lady Frost's turn
right now, and I did find your original one on the mailing list (though
I had to use the arcane arts to retrieve it), so I'm just going to put
this one aside for now.

Sorry for all of this.  I suspect something odd happened on the list 
last week, me not getting messages and yours being claimed to be some 
sort of binary attachment.

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