[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - The Brig, Alex and Bongo

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Mon Feb 14 15:34:31 PST 2005

> [Bongo]
> "Yeah and no time to lose, we've got company..." Bongo says as he 
> grabs his neural mace and springs into a dead run down the corridor.
> [/Bongo]

As they approach the corridor, something darker than the darkness moves. 
  Above there is the pounding of railgun fire, and suddenly the ceiling 
beyond explodes with fire.  A creature, like a snake, but black as oil, 
with wings and a horrifying maw filled with black teeth recoils from the 
light, though it blocks the hallway still.

Bongo tries to bring the neural mace down on its head, but with a 
serpent's speed it darts out of the way.  It, in turn, winds around and 
attempts to bite Bongo in the arm, and Bongo is unable to get out of the 
way.  With a grip of iron, it clamps down the arm holding the neural 
mace, and though Bongo doesn't drop it, neither can he free himself.

> [Alex]
> Alex charges behind Bongo, preparing to shoot anything which Bongo 
> cannot deal with using his Neural Mace. She keeps all of her sensor 
> gains active on her body armor.
> [/Alex]

Alex fires at the creature, trying to avoid shooting Bongo, aims for the 
creatures head and fires.  The burst hits the creature square in the 
head, shattering half of the frightful thing.  It releases Bongo's arm 
and races towards Alex and frightening speed.

Aaron Clausen	mightymartianca at alberni.net

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