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On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 BorgOmatic at aol.com wrote:

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> May be  won't take too long, though I'm still at the first turns, which
> were very  short.  Anyways, I'm making a diary file, of which this is a
> sample:
> # PC,Turn,Description,Score
> "Bongo","Turn 3","Kills a  Dead Boy",25
> "Kyle","Turn 3","Kills a Dead Boy attacking  Rod",50
> "Alex","Turn 3","Grabs St. Pierre and removes him from the  bar",100
> "Kyle","Turn 3","Disables a Dead Boy",25
> What, donating some creds to the poor barkeep isn't worth some  XPs?   Man,
> I'm completely devastated here...  ^_^

Ah you remember!  Actually I did give points for that.  It's not in any
Palladium books, but Amusing the GM is always worth points!

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