[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - Lady Frost, Arden and the Big Disturbance

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Sun Feb 20 23:27:32 PST 2005

> [Lady Frost]
> Frost grins at the man as she quips, "Can you swim?" Then she hurls 
> the man into the air and over the side of the ship.  Kyle can go back
> and rescue the man later....
> [Lady Frost]

With a yelp, the man disappears over the edge.

> [Lady Frost]
> Once the man is airborne, she again begins attacking the other men
> around her, grabbing and smashing weapons and punching those men she
> can't disarm.
> [/Lady Frost]

Lady Frost tears into the other men, already disoriented by the burst of
rain.  She grabs at the next sailor's gun and easily pulls it of his
hands and crushing it.  The man gives a frightened look and runs off.

Another sailor, a rather ugly clean-shaven fellow with scars all over
his face seems less daunted and fires a shot at Lady Frost.
The shot, however, goes awry.

Arden, seeing the man shooting at Frost, jumps in again and throws his
vibroknife, but misses completely and the vibroknife embeds itself in
the deck.

Lady Frost continues her own rampage, targeting the man that just shot
at her, and trying to grab his gun.  The man nearly dodges her, but she
yanks out of his hand, smashing it on the ground.  There's a look of
fury on the man's face, when suddenly a pounding shot from the air
catches the man, knocking him to the ground.  The sailors all shout,
pointing towards Kyle's SAMAS, which seems in much better control now
and ready to start creating a disturbance of its own.  Most of the
sailors seem to lose interest in Lady Frost and Arden, and open fire on

Arden again uses the opportunity to retrieve his knife, and this time
pulls out his Remi-147.

OOC: If Lady Frost's character wants, she can continue on doing what 
she's doing, though as was posted above, most of the sailors now seem to 
regard Kyle as the nastier villain.

Aaron Clausen	mightymartianca at alberni.net

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