[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - LadyFrost, Arden and the Big Disturbance

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He smiles slightly and says, "I'm not really sure. You got hurt, though." He
leans down to inspect her wounds. "Can you walk? If not, I can carry you,
but, whatever we do, we need to get out of here."

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LadyFrost, Arden and the Big Disturbance

> > [Arden]
> > Seeing most of the other sailors turning their aim to the huge flying
> > robot thingy, he fires several aimed shots at sailors, while making
> > his way over to Lena to see if there is anything he can do for her
> > comfort or safety.
> > [/Arden]
> [GM]
> A sailor manages to dodge Arden's first shot, but another is struck by
> his second shot, and the sailor is blasted back. Arden leans down to
> check on Lena, and her eyes flutter. "Ard.. Arden." she says weakly.
> "What's happening?"
> [/GM]
> [Lady Frost]
> Lady Frost continues her own rampage, grabbing at two other sailor's
> weapons. The first sailor attempts to block her with the butt of his
> gun, but is no match for Frost's speed, and she grabs the gun out of his
> hand and crushes it like a beer can.
> The second sailor tries to yank his gun out of the way, and again Frost
> grabs the weapon and crumples it.
> [/Lady Frost]
> [GM]
> Suddenly Arden and Lady Frost catch Kyle's SAMAS rise up above the deck
> again and begin strafing.  That is immediately followed by some large
> booming, and both see a shot just narrowly miss Kyle's SAMAS.
> [/GM]
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