[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Second Big Adventure

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> [Alex]
> Alex listens carefully to all of the conversations
> but does not say 
> much. She does take a few moments to neaten her hair
> but still appears 
> attentive. She asks, "All of what we have
> discovered, does nayone have 
> any ideas. I am not a real expert in these matters."
> [/Alex]
[Amamda Connors]

With a yawn, Amanda looks at the assembled group. 
"Sorry about that, I haven't gotten much sleep the
last few days."  She shrugs apologetically.  Her
weariness is clearly apparent to most everyone present
while she's in her human state.

"Seems that this ship was headed for Dublin, but the
captain decided he doesn't want us to go there.  And
wherever he IS trying to bring us wouldn't be healthy
for us.  Seems to me that we have to force the issue
and go to Dublin.  Or at least somewhere other than
his would-be port of call."  She looks the group over
once more.

"I assume nobody here would be comfortable floating
there on an ice raft, so we have to get the ship to go
there.  Willingly or not.  I'd rather not eliminate
the crew since I didn't know how to run one of these
things in my own time, much less here.  That only
leaves us with the option of trying to get the crew to
mutiny and hoping enough survive to be able to operate
the ship."

"Unfortunately, I doubt any of them will listen to us.
 Anyone here able to use mind control?  Get them to
'convince each other' to mutiny?"  She then looks
hopefully at the team members that she knows have
shown psychic ability.....Alex and Bongo.

While waiting for an answer, Amanda takes a brush out
of her purse and futilely tries to brush out her hair
a bit, getting the brush caught in the snarls

[/Amanda Connors]

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