[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Frost takes charge

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Tue Jan 4 08:44:34 PST 2005

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> [Bongo]
> He thinks for a moment.   "When I was up on deck, I
> could see the lights from 
> a settlement on shore.   If that was this 'Dublin'
> they were talking about, I 
> don't know that we couldn't get across on an ice
> raft with too much 
> trouble... especially if we can spring Kyle's SAMAS
> and get him to tow us."
> [/Bongo]

[Amanda Connors]

"OK, so mind control is out.  Last I knew Dublin was a
really large city, though I suppose that's a bit of
useless information now...."

Amanda shrugs with weariness, then her form ripples
and shifts back to the icy woman they've all come to
"I suppose if we're going to get off this crate, we
should get to it, and since nobody has any better
ideas the direct approach is all we've got left."

She looks to Bongo.  "You know the layout of this ship
better than we do, take Alex with you and go rescue
our friend in the brig.  Bring some extra weapons for
them to help out with.  I'll create as much of a mess
as I can so that Kyle can get to his armor.  Rod and
Osiris, see if you can get to the captain of the ship.
 We may need to use him as a backup plan."

Then she points at the newcomer to the group. "You, I
don't know and I haven't got time to trust you. 
You're with me.  Everyone get ready, we'll deal with
that journal after we've gotten somewhere safe....like

[/Lady Frost]

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