[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner

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Arden uses his Aura Sense and Sense Evil, trying to read the guards. (On my
assumption, the follows is his action). A look of sudden rage comes over
Arden, and he grabs the vibro-knife stashed in his boot (from before
dinner), and states flatly, "I suggest you try that on be, bastard. You
might get hurt." Then, with a coldness in his eyes that screams 'death', he
starts stalking towards them.

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> > [Arden]
>  > Arden merely raises an eyebrow, then stands solidly on his feet and
>  > strides over to the door to see whom it is that wishes to see him.
>  > [/Arden]
>  > [Kyle]
> > "Right lets suit up and get this thing done. remember people lasers
> > only until the shit hits the fan. We need to keep the noise down at
> > least for a while. Once I have my SAMAS we will need to take the
> > bridge. So lets go."
> >
> > Kyle puts on his body armor and checks his weapons switching his
> > JA-11 to laser.
>  > [/Kyle]
>  > [Lady Frost]
> > "Wrong Kyle, once you have your SAMAS you'll be helping Arden and I
> > create as much havoc as possible so that Rod and Osiris can get to
> > the Captain and the bridge."
>  >
> > Frost stands up and moves to the door. "With everyone's attention
> > focused on us, they should have an easier time sneaking up there."
>  >
> > "Looks like you have an admirer." Lady Frost says to Arden. "Either
> > she helps out, or she gets tied up and left in here. Your call
> > Arden."
>  > [/Lady Frost]
>  > [Arden]
> > If it is who I think it is, she'll be more set on helping than
> > hurting... unless she is more loyal to the captain than I thought."
> > He pauses on his trip to the door and turns to look Lady Frost right
> > in the eyes. "In which case, we may have to resort to drastic
> > measures. Otherwise, she's harmless. She might help."
>  > [/Arden]
> [GM]
> Arden pokes his head through the door and sees the girl, Lena, with a
> number of bandages on her from her recent fight with the nasty sea-squid
> thing. Her hands are held on her hips as she bravely tries to stare down
> the guards.  She turns just in time to see Arden.
> "Arden!" she shouts and tries to run towards him. One of the guards
> lifts his energy rifle and gives a solid knock on the back of the head.
> The crack of gun-stock on bone can be heard and she falls forward.
> [/GM]
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