[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner

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Tue Jan 11 13:17:21 PST 2005

 > [Alex]
 > Before the altercation outside the door, Alex suggests, "I
 > still have a knockout gas grenade and two tear gas grenades. If we
 > use one in the bridge and in the engine room, we can probably disable
 > the crews without killing them and damaging any equipment"
 > [/Alex]

 > [Arden]
 > Arden uses his Aura Sense and Sense Evil, trying to read the guards.
 > [/Arden]

Arden cannot sense any overt evil in the guards. They seem to be of a 
fair level of skill and have no magical or psychic abilities.

 > [Lady Frost]
 > The sounds of wood against skull and a body hitting the floor
 > were ones Frost knew. Muggers sounded like that when you thumped
 > them nicely.  But this woman wasn't a mugger. Or a soldier for that
 > matter.
 > Cold anger rose up in Frost as her mind grasped the new situation.
 > Arden's visitor clearly wasn't a danger to the guards or anyone
 > else.  Striking an innocent was not something Frost was going
 > to tolerate.
 > With a cry of anger and the screech of protesting metal, Frost rips
 > at the now opened door trying to remove it from the bulkhead. It's
 > the right size and strength to provide great cover as she charges down
 > the hall and into those two guards.....door leading the charge.
 > She does however, have the presence of mind to note where the
 > woman fell so she wouldn't step on, or trip over her.
 > [/Lady Frost]

The guards' faces are hidden by their helmets, but there's little doubt 
that their eyes have just doubled in size. It seems they have had some 
sort of contigency, as one starts firing at Lady Frost, while the other 
one jabs at some sort of panel before opening fire himself.

The guns do a good job of cutting into the door, but it appears Lady 
Frost's guess is right, and the door stands up to the punishment.

 > [Arden]
 > A look of sudden rage comes over Arden, and he grabs the vibro-knife
 > stashed in his boot (from before dinner), and states flatly, "I
 > suggest you try that on be, bastard. You might get hurt." Then, with a
 > coldness in his eyes that screams 'death', he starts stalking towards
 > them.
 > [/Arden]

Arden stalks behind Lady Frost's impromptu blast shield. The guards, 
however, seem much more intimidated by the woman carrying a several 
hundred pound door in front of her.

 > [Alex]
 > The noise (argument and then rifle butt) causes her to react and she
 > grabs up her rifle and provides cover fire if needed while she
 > watches Lady Frost attack. She is using the doorway as protective
 > cover.
 > [/Alex]

Alex opens fire on the guards. The guards, quite occupied with Lady
Frost, don't attempt to dodge and Alex strikes one in the chest. The 
guard is blown back against the door, but the other one keeps firing on 
Lady Frost.

 > [Kyle]
 > "Damn amateurs." Kyle mutters realizing that the sound of the door
 > coming of its hinges and the accompanying scram and charge will
 > probably have alerted half the boat he switches his rifle to its Ion
 > setting and sets off for his SAMAS.
 > [/Kyle]

Kyle knows of only way to his SAMAS (if it is where he left it), and 
that's straight through where the guards are firing from. There is the 
door behind him, though...

 > [Bongo]
 > "Well, the whole idea of a distraction is to draw attention to
 > yourself," Bongo mutters -- even though he'd have preferred the
 > distraction starting a little later on.
 > "Let's go 'Lex," he says as he whips out his pistol and his
 > vibro-sabre.   "Let's see if we can get clear before the entire goon
 > squad gets here."
 > [/Bongo]

As Bongo emerges through the ruined door, a stray shot from one of the 
guards' rifles nearly hits him in the arm.

 > [Rod Black]
 > Rod makes a quick dash for the cabin where HIS equipment is, quickly
 > suits up, and grabs his EQ, then meets up with Osiris. Off to the
 > bridge it is then.
 > [/Rod Black]

Rod runs quickly back to his cabin, grabs his equipment and runs back 
out again. Even as he does, one of the guards, apparently out of 
ammunition, drops his rifle and starts firing from a pistol as he backs 
up through the door. He tries to lay down cover fire as he drags his 
comrade away.

Bongo's keen ears catch the sound of many more feet approaching, and by 
the sounds of it, are the next deck up, right above their heads. Kyle's 
observation is right, it seems the whole ship has been alerted.

In the confusion, Osiris opens fire on the guard still firing at them 
with his pump pistol. His shot goes completely awry. The shot blasts a 
hole into the ceiling of the passage, and screams can be heard from above.

The girl, obviously disoriented, tries to scramble behind Lady Frost's 
shield, and cries out "Arden! What's going on?" Her voice is slurring 
badly and then she just collapses.

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