[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner

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Tue Jan 11 14:32:46 PST 2005

--- Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at alberni.net> wrote:

> The guards' faces are hidden by their helmets, but
> there's little doubt 
> that their eyes have just doubled in size. It seems
> they have had some 
> sort of contigency, as one starts firing at Lady
> Frost, while the other 
> one jabs at some sort of panel before opening fire
> himself.
> The guns do a good job of cutting into the door, but
> it appears Lady 
> Frost's guess is right, and the door stands up to
> the punishment.
> [/GM]

> [GM]
> Alex opens fire on the guards. The guards, quite
> occupied with Lady
> Frost, don't attempt to dodge and Alex strikes one
> in the chest. The 
> guard is blown back against the door, but the other
> one keeps firing on 
> Lady Frost.

> The girl, obviously disoriented, tries to scramble
> behind Lady Frost's 
> shield, and cries out "Arden! What's going on?" Her
> voice is slurring 
> badly and then she just collapses.
> [/GM]
[Lady Frost]

Frost finishes her charge by plowing the door into the
remaining guard.  That should easily KO him.

"Kyle, with me.  The rest of you, get to it.  Try not
to kill people if you can avoid it, we can sort the
bad from misguided later."

Frost looks down to the woman on the floor, then to
Arden.  "I'm guessing she's important to you?  Get her
somewhere safe and then join us.  We should be able to
take the ship, but if we can't, we'll do all we can to
bring her with us."

Frost drops the door she was holding, then kicks the
next door out with massive force.  "Move!"
[/Lady Frost]

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