[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner

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Frost  finishes her charge by plowing the door into the
remaining guard.   That should easily KO him.

"Kyle, with me.  The rest of you, get  to it.  Try not
to kill people if you can avoid it, we can sort  the
bad from misguided later."

Frost looks down to the woman on the  floor, then to
Arden.  "I'm guessing she's important to you?  Get  her
somewhere safe and then join us.  We should be able to
take the  ship, but if we can't, we'll do all we can to
bring her with  us."

Frost drops the door she was holding, then kicks the
next door  out with massive force.  "Move!"

"We better shag it double time too folks," Bongo growls.  "Sounds like  the 
rest of the crew is on its way.  They're ringing the metal stairs like  a 
dinner gong."
He makes his way as quickly as possible out of the immediate area on his  way 
to the brig.
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