[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner

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> [Alex]
> Alex was a bit confused about where she was suppose to go but with Lady
> Frost's suggestions, she will head off towards teh brig with Bongo. She
> will make sure that she has several anti-personnel gernades loaded and
> ready to disable those in th brig
> [/Alex]
> ooc: Was Alex able to get her e-clips recharged?

OOC: Very legit question there... 


"Like Frost said, let's try to avoid killing anyone if we can," Bongo 
mutters.   "Remember, the crew already think the captain's off his rock and if we 
make it known we want to be out of their way they might not force us to grease 

He shrugs.   "Yeah, I know it's not likely... but it'd beat having to fight 
off an entire ship's crew if it worked even once."

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