[Taocow PBEM] Re: Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - OOC

Paul Groeneveld delthin_x at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 22 01:49:05 PST 2005

--- Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at alberni.net> wrote:

> In the interests of keeping everything sane at this
> point, I'm going to split off into different
> threads.  We've dealt with a separating company
> before, into two groups, and I found it hard to
> write things up so that they weren't confusing, so I
> thought I'd try this instead.  So the threads are:
> - Lady Frost, Arden and the Big Disturbance
> - Kyle Comes A'Callin' For Ye Olde SAMAS
> - Rod and Osiris's Adventures on the Bridge
> - The Brig, Alex and Bongo

rod was attempting to stay out of the way of the
rampaging door, besides it takes a full meelee to gear
up.. :D

anyways, as soon as osiris is ready, rod will be
heading for the bridge.

what was it we were supposed to do there again? bind
the captain, slay th captain, sink the ship ;) ?

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