[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Fri Jun 3 12:51:10 PDT 2005

> > [GM]
> > The lizard man's eyes widen.  "If you don't mind." he says, and pulls 
> > out a
> > small device which Rod immediately recognizes as some sort of 
> > technowizard
> > device.  He pops the gem inside a small receptacle and clicks a single 
> > red
> > button.  A small screen begins displaying several waving lines.
> >
> > "Extraordinary." the lizard man mumbles.  "I've never quite seen anything
> > like it before.  Tell me, where did you get these stones?"
> > [/GM] 

> [Alex]
> Alex jokes, "I got the gems at Lone Star Pawn and Loan." and smiles 
> back. She shakes her head, "Seriously. I found them underground in the 
> areas of a place called Old Chicago. I don't really understand how I got 
> here so I doubt I can get you more."
> [/Alex]

The shopkeeper nods slowly.  "Been to Old Chicago eh?  Thought your
accent sounded American.  Well, five of these jewels will cover what
you've got."

> [Rod Black]
> Rod looks with little interest, and seems to ask merely out of boredom
> "So what's that device for?"
> [Rod Black]

The shopkeeper looks at Rod with some distaste.  "Well, if you *must*
know, it is a neat little device I picked up on a trip abroad.  It
detects whether an object is true gemstone or precious metal or not.
It's verified your friend's, though the readings seem quite bizarre."

> > > [Arden]
> > > He nods to the merchant to select what items he wants from his trade 
> > > items pile, then smiles as he collects the scope and exchanges it with 
> > > the one on his .30-06. "Would you like to add my old scope as part of the 
> > > trade?"
> > > [/Arden]

> > [GM]
> > The shopkeeper picks up the scope, eyes it, looks into it and says "I'll
> > give you two hundred for it." he says.
> > [/GM]

> [Arden]
> Arden nods, accepting the deal. "Take your pick from the rest of my trade 
> items, and let's make a deal."
> [/Arden]

The shopkeeper goes through each of Arden's items, weighing them, eyeing
them and glancing up at Arden, his reptilian eyes squinting as if
looking at something Arden can't see.

"This all seems in order." he says finally.  "You have a deal.  Happy
hunting."  He then takes a box, and gently places the trade items in it.

The shopkeeper then turns his attention back to Amanda.

> [Amanda Connors]
> Nodding to Bongo, she looks puzzled about the shopkeeper's response.
> [/Amanda Connors]

Bongo chuckles, but says nothing.

> [Amanda Connors]
> "Doctor?  Why would a doctor want a.....  This isn't a recorder is it?
> Should I be afraid to ask what it is?"

> She hands the device back to the shopkeeper as if she thinks the
> device will bite her.
> [/Amanda Connors]

The shopkeeper gingerly takes it and gently puts it on the counter.

> [Amanda Connors]
> "Um, I'm just looking for a recorder.  One I can keep notes on and
> actually be able to fine more storage for."
> She reaches into her purse and pulls out her PDA and an old tape 
> recorder she used for unexpected interviews.
> "These are great and all, but I can't exactly get more when they run
> out of room."
> [/Amanda Connors, likely to have just caused a problem]

The shopkeeper's jaw drops.  For a moment he seems stunned.  "These
still work?" he manages to say.  He slowly regains his composure, and
his voice becomes a little slicker and salesman-like.  "Miss, I have
just the replacement."  He drops out of sight and can be heard moving
things around.

"I'd watch this guy." Bongo whispers in Amanda's ear.

The shopkeeper comes back up, a small plastic box about the size of a
pack of cigarettes, with odd symbols on them.  "I'm an honest man." he
says to Bongo imperiously.

Then he turns his attention back to Amanda.  "Miss, this is from
Atlantis itself." he opens up the box to reveal a credit-card sized
device with lovely scrollwork, a small screen and what looks to be a

"This is a Kittani data unit.  It has a built in recorder with a 200
hour audio and video capacity, which can be saved on to these small
wafer chips." he shakes the box and several penny-sized wafers fall out.
"It comes with this small cable, which can be plugged into any standard

"I will gladly trade you your devices for this one." he says.  "I know
someone who is an avid collector of pre-Rifts technology."

[Meanwhile outside...]

> [Kyle]
> "Sorry lad I don't know anything about the goings on here.  I will be 
> back in a sec."
> Kyle gets up moves of to the toilet.  once out of eye and ear shot Kyle 
> will radio Alex.  Once and if she replies Kyle says.  "Let everyone know 
> we may have some visitors around dusk looking for Frost.  I would 
> suggest we all meet up somewhere we can stay out of sight for the 
> night.  Any suggestions?"
> Once he receives a reply Kyle will head back to the boy.
> [/Kyle]

The boy looks curiously at Kyle.  "Everything alright?" he asks.  "My
dad says I give people headaches."

[Meanwhile, back in the store...]

Bongo and Alex both hear Kyle say ""Let everyone know we may have some
visitors around dusk looking for Frost.  I would suggest we all meet up
somewhere we can stay out of sight for the night.  Any suggestions?"

"Roger that, Kyle." Bongo says quietly.  "We'll be outa hear shortly.
Wait for us outside."

Bongo looks to Amanda.  "Um, Frost, I think we better buy what we're
gonna buy."

Bongo picks up some E-clips and slaps on the counter, and with them some
smaller bits of the loot he grabbed from Old Chicago.

The shopkeeper checks out Bongo's payment, nods and hands the E-clips
back to Bongo.  "A pleasure doing business with you." he says.

Bongo looks to Osiris.  "Need anything, Osiris?" he asks.  "Otherwise
we should head out."

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