[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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Sat Jun 4 17:54:45 PDT 2005

OOC:  I don't recall if Frost got anything from the
ruins of Old Chicago.   I don't recall walking off
with any 'loot' anyways.

--- Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at alberni.net> wrote:


Then he turns his attention back to Amanda.  "Miss,
this is from Atlantis itself." he opens up the box to
reveal a credit-card sized device with lovely
scrollwork, a small screen and what looks to be a

"This is a Kittani data unit.  It has a built in
recorder with a 200 hour audio and video capacity,
which can be saved on to these small wafer chips." he
shakes the box and several penny-sized wafers fall
out. "It comes with this small cable, which can be
plugged into any standard E-clip."

"I will gladly trade you your devices for this one."
he says.  "I know someone who is an avid collector of
pre-Rifts technology."

[Amanda Connors]

"Um, that's great, but I really wasn't interested in
selling these.  They're all I have left of home."

She opens her purse, and looks inside.  "I really
don't have much I could trade."  Her brow furrows
"In fact, as much as I might like that, I see a couple
of other things I probably need more..."

She glances to Bongo with a mock innocent look. 
"Unless someone wants to be a real gentleman and buy
me a few hundred Christmas presents all at once?  I
did kinda miss out on a few..."

[/Amanda Connors]

Roger that, Kyle." Bongo says quietly.  "We'll be outa
hear shortly.  Wait for us outside."

Bongo looks to Amanda.  "Um, Frost, I think we better
buy what we're gonna buy."

Bongo picks up some E-clips and slaps on the counter,
and with them some smaller bits of the loot he grabbed
from Old Chicago.

[Amanda Connors]

"I don't have any credits.  Wait a sec.  Will this
Amanda reaches into her purse, pulls out two U.S.
twenty dollar bills, and holds them up for the

"I've got a few of these and they're not doing me any
good.   I guarantee they're pre-rifts, and since I'M
pre-rifts, I know what I'm talking about."

"Bongo, when we're done here, I'm going to have to
take Alex and have her help me find a few things.  Or
they're nearest equivalent..."

[/Amanda Connors]

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