[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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>> > [GM]
>> > As the boy continues talking, Kyle notices a very tall figure in pale
>> > red clothing approaching on a horsewith what looks like a small crate in
>> > his hands.  As the figure approaches it is obvious that it is a
>> > blonde-haired Elf, though he looks powerfully built and moves with
>> > enormous self-confidence which Kyle recognizes instantly as the product
>> > of some sort of martial training.
>> > [/GM]
>> [Kyle]
>> Kyle steps protectively in front of the boy and wait for the Elf to 
>> approach.
>> [/Kyle]
> [GM]
> The Elf gets off his horse, ties it up and says to the boy, "A credit if you
> watch my horse."  To Kyle the Elf says simply but courteously "Hello." and
> then walks into the shop carrying the crate.  Kyle can see even more clearly
> that this Elf is in possession of some substantial physical training, his
> body moving like a finely-tuned weapon.
> [/GM]

OOC: Forget to add this:

Young Edig immediately jumps up from behind Kyle and grabs the credit from
the Elf.  "Aye sir!" the boy says eagerly.  "None shall touch her!"

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