[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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Alex may not really understand what Amanda is asking. Alex looks just a 
bit confused. She licks her lips slightly and answers, "I still got most 
of my supplies including what I might possible need. My contaceptive 
implant also helps to reduce most feminine problems. One of the good 
things from the CS was that. I don't think the makeup I have would work 
for you, our colorings are too different. Still, some nice cloths would 
be worth some time."

J L wrote:

>[Amanda Connors]
>"Why Mr Bongo, you've got yourself a deal."   Without
>any further comment, she holds out the two bills to
>Bongo.   "I'll have to leave the rest of this
>transaction to you though.  Once you people start
>talking credits, my brain goes all Star Wars and that
>really doesn't help much.  So I'll be talking to Alex
>She moves closer to Alex and begins speaking rather
>quietly knowing Bongo, and apparently the shopkeeper,
>has excellent hearing.  "I haven't had the chance to
>ask you about this, but since I plan to try to spend a
>little time looking like this now and then, I sort of
>need some rather...ah....personal supplies."  She
>glances towards the two not-quite-human men as she
>says this.
>"You know...."
>"A change of clothes might not be a bad idea
>[/Amanda Connors]

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